by Tasha on Mar 27 2013

hugo18.3.1This is the third installment of my 18 to 30 Project (Weekly photographs of my son from 18 months to 30 months). The project is proving to be a challenge. I am sure it will become easier, but so far getting this guy to be still is tricky to say the least. Also the cold weather means that if I take pictures outdoors, he will inevitably appear to be wearing the same thing. It doesn’t seem to bother him though. Haha!

I thought I would share three, little things about Hugo seeing as how it is week three. Original I know.

One. He is one of the happiest people I know. He just chats to himself or others, and he would have to be pretty out of sorts not to give you a smile. Strangers in the street often stop to tell me how nice it is to hear such a sweet, little voice, and others to tell me how his smile made their day. It is very nice for me as his Mumma to hear it.

Two. He is pretty fascinated by his reflection in the mirror. I am sure he knows it is him now, but sometimes he goes to the mirror in our hallway to check if “that boy” is still there. He is normally quite happy to see himself too! He also likes to go and see what he looks like when I put certain clothes on him. Like his sunglasses or this hat… which on a side note, I know is not the trendiest hat in town, but I think he makes it work. It has been the best for keeping his little head and face warm when we go for walks or for a play at the park. Besides, I love to see his little face poking out from that little circle of blue fabric. I will miss it once the warmer weather sets in.

Three. Hugo is no technophobe. Computers, phones, remote controls… you name it he has mastered it! For Christmas we gave him what can only be described as an iPad for babies, and he loves it. He knows exactly how to access all his favourite apps, and we are constantly having to recharge the batteries. It can be a problem though, as he also thinks he has ownership over my computer, my phone and his Papa’s iPad. I still can’t resist that face, but I think I will have to learn.






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M&K on 28/03/2013 Reply

He is adorable! Loving his little blue hat. The photography is lovely! Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at brewedtogether.com

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