The 18 to 30 Project

by Tasha on Mar 21 2013




hugo18.0.4Recently, I’ve been inspired by some of my favourite bloggers who started posting weekly photos (mostly of their gorgeous kids) from the beginning of the year. I missed the boat on that particular project as my own little guy was fighting a fever, and if I do anything I like to do it right. It wasn’t until I thought about really capturing a certain age that I thought I’d start The 18 to 30 Project. Weekly images of my son Hugo from 1.5 to 2.5 years (or 18 months to 30 months). Hugo turned 18 months on the 12th, but since my trip to Paris last week, I have been playing catch up ever since. So here I will be posting the first two installments of the project. The black and white images are of the day he turned 18 months, and the colour images were taken just a week after. It is such an exciting age as so many things are changing all the time. I think Hugo still as enough puppy fat to look like a baby, but truth be told my little boy is growing so fast it makes me want to hold tight to him now, and maybe if I hold him tight enough he will stay just as he is.

The 18 to 30 Project is about more than just photographing my son. I have been wanting to improve my photography and learn more about the process for a long time. I hope to take a course when I return home to Australia. I can barely even get my head around the technical terms in English so, I figure it’s best not to venture in to it in French. Not yet.

I hope I will be able to keep up with this project. My subject is someone who rather dislikes staying in one place for more than a second, and chasing this guy around the park, camera in hand, is challenging to say the least.





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amanda on 22/03/2013 Reply

what big eyes he has! :) too adorable.

Angela Donava on 22/03/2013 Reply

oh)) he is sooo cute )) great photos ) kisses! Angela Donava

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