by Tasha on Apr 28 2013

hugo19.2.1It is the end of April, and the blue hat makes yet another appearance! It has been horribly cold and wet here in Grenoble this weekend, and it comes as a shock after the summer-like weather we experienced mid-week. I am sure Hugo must be asking himself “what is going on?” but he just gets on with it.

I think it is incredible just how grown-up he is becoming. He wants to walk everywhere, so I am really not sure what I will do when he refuses to get in the stroller. And he knows where the things are that he wants to eat. This can be a bit of a problem, since given the chance, the kid would eat all day long!

But in the same way he shows me that he is still my little baby. The pursing of his lips when I zip him in to his sleeping bag at night, the way he touches his ears for comfort, and the way he still explores each new object is every way possible (see below). He didn’t let me take all that many photos of him today, but that last one had me laughing when I took it, and it has me laughing now as I type this.







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Instant Milk on 28/04/2013 Reply


Liz on 29/04/2013 Reply

Hah! It's crazy how fast they grow! Wait until you see my little man again- he is becoming a giant. :-)

Tasha on 29/04/2013 Reply

Can't wait! With his Daddy's DNA I'm sure he's gonna be a tall one despite his tininess at birth xxx

Angela Donava on 29/04/2013 Reply

pretty post ) love the pics ) have a nice day! Angela Donava http://lookbooks.fr/

Jennifer on 29/04/2013 Reply

Insanely adorable! xo Jennifer http://seekingstyleblog.wordpress.com

amanda on 05/05/2013 Reply

He's so cute! Ahh

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