Oh hey there Sunshine!

by Tasha on Feb 17 2013

blue1I don’t think I have ever been so happy to see the sun in all my life! While it remains freezing, cold here in Grenoble, that sunshine has made all the difference to my frame of mind. I don’t know what is about that bright, blue sky or seeing that shining ball of fire, but I feel revitalised.

It was the end of the sales in France this week, and I managed to pick up this hat (and one other) for less than the original price of just one. I had had my eye on them for a while, so I was thankful they were still there. I used to be all about the hat. In my early teenage years, my Mum gave me a hat, a bag and a belt for my birthday. She said they would outlast all of my clothes. And they did. I developed a fair hat collection, but after I started high school, I lost confidence and stopped wearing them. I had never been afraid to be different or to play with my wardrobe, but something about that all girl school environment threw me off guard and I hid that part of me. My university years helped me to rediscover my individuality, but the hats remained in their boxes. Now, after all this time I think I am finally ready to make them a regular part of my life.







blue8Dress – Asos, Hat – Lafayette Collection,┬áBag – Topshop, Coat – Vintage, Booties – Rudy’s

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Those Days are Gone

by Tasha on Feb 10 2013

1I used to think there was almost nothing better than sleeping until midday on a Sunday, having a long, quiet breakfast, and staying in my pajamas until dinner time. Those days have slipped through my fingers, but now I am greeted by the happiest, little boy who can’t wait to start a new day. And while in this freezing, cold weather, I would often prefer to stay indoors where it’s warm, there is nothing like a Sunday morning stroll with my little family. The streets are quiet and I’m always interested to see who else is out and about.

Meanwhile, I nabbed the last of these sweaters in town. Yes! I love how the leopard motif adds some interest to an otherwise understated outfit. You will probably see it on the blog many more times as it has become one of my staples lately. I also rediscovered these boots this week. I had forgotten just how much I love them.







8Sweater – Sandro, Jeans – Meltin’ Pot, Booties – Maje, Clutch – Country Road

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Checked Pants

by Tasha on Feb 03 2013

check1We are now into February, and it is still cold! Even as we took these photos, there were a few snowflakes falling. Loads of people have told me that it is either hot or cold in Grenoble, and I’d have to say that every time I visited it was one or the other. Though since living here it has just been COLD! Anyway, aside from the cold, and catching a cold (I’m going for a record here folks) it has been a pretty big week. My partner, Manu, took me for our first trip away since Hugo’s birth, and it was GOOD. We went to a tiny village in the South of France with the objective of simply escaping and getting some rest. For me the trip was many things, most of them contradicting. I missed Hugo a lot, yet the time away from him was quite refreshing. It was the first time I’d spent a night away from him so I guess it is normal to miss him. When we arrived home it was nap time, and I have never wanted him to wake-up from his sleep so much in my life! We took a few photos on the trip and I’m sure I’ll share a few here on the blog when I have had time to go through them.

As for the outfit. I picked up these pants for practically nothing during the week, and I must say I’m pretty happy with them. They aren’t my usual style, and they are a big step in the other direction to where my wardrobe is heading, but I like them all the same. Maybe I should take up golf?






check7Jacket – Asos, Trousers and Sweater – H&M,┬áBag - Topshop, Shoes – Country Road

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