by Tasha on Apr 28 2013

hugo19.2.1It is the end of April, and the blue hat makes yet another appearance! It has been horribly cold and wet here in Grenoble this weekend, and it comes as a shock after the summer-like weather we experienced mid-week. I am sure Hugo must be asking himself “what is going on?” but he just gets on with it.

I think it is incredible just how grown-up he is becoming. He wants to walk everywhere, so I am really not sure what I will do when he refuses to get in the stroller. And he knows where the things are that he wants to eat. This can be a bit of a problem, since given the chance, the kid would eat all day long!

But in the same way he shows me that he is still my little baby. The pursing of his lips when I zip him in to his sleeping bag at night, the way he touches his ears for comfort, and the way he still explores each new object is every way possible (see below). He didn’t let me take all that many photos of him today, but that last one had me laughing when I took it, and it has me laughing now as I type this.







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by Tasha on Apr 17 2013

hugo19.1.1Literally growing before my eyes! It is hard to believe that this little being, who this time two years ago was still in my belly, is now changing into a real little boy.

We often take photos at the park. The park is his thing, the highlight of his day. He loves the playground and to see all the other children. He is very social, he loves going to see what everybody else is doing, and he chats to them all, in his own little language. But by the end of playtime, Hugo can normally be found kneeling in the garden beds examining the plants, stones and twigs. Future landscape designer perhaps? Maybe I should reconsider dressing him in his newest clothes when we go to the park!

The 18 to 30 Project (weekly photos of my son from 18 months to 30 months).






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And She Wore Flowers In Her Hair

by Tasha on Apr 14 2013

DL1As much as I feel my style softening, changing and moving in a particular direction, I still find myself drawn to the hard accessories, and leather jackets I have worn almost as armor over the last few years. I may always be drawn to them (especially when I feel vulnerable). Though I must say I do like the mix of hard and soft, old and new, leather and lace, studs and flowers. You get the idea. I guess it is a way I can find some balance in my life. Besides I think it makes things a little more interesting.

So, I finally got around to wearing a flower crown here on the blog (about time for a blog called Crown of Flowers in French) Haha! I made this one last week, but it still needs some adjustments, as it keeps falling over my face. And speaking of finally getting around to doing things. I finally started reading the “For Dummies” Book for our Canon! What a difference a few small pointers can make! Still some perfecting to get things to where I want but I think this was one of my favourite shoots to date.







DL8Flower Crown – DIY, Denim Shirt – H&M, Shorts – Pins and Needles (Urban Outfitters), Booties – Maje (Old), Bag – Country Road (Old), Necklace - Pimkie


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by Tasha on Apr 12 2013

hugo19.0.1Today this little guy turned 19 months old!

I had my doubts about getting any decent photos today, as Hugo really wasn’t interested in having his photo taken this afternoon. So in the end I turned it into a game, and kept hiding from him. I think it was pretty successful, as I managed to capture not only his great smile, but some of his most typical expressions. Love this kid!

I was super excited when I found this little varsity jacket on sale a few weeks ago. I had been looking for a while, and this one was perfect. Functional pockets and all in cotton. Size wise I thought we might get some more use out of it, but Hugo is growing right in front of my eyes these days! Make it stop!






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Lace Insert T-shirt DIY

by Tasha on Apr 10 2013

lacediyheader1I have been wanting to get around to some DIY projects for some time now. The trouble getting started has been finding the right suppliers now that we are no longer in Paris. I guess that is one of the down sides to moving towns… we lose those regular go-to stores, and have to start over. I hope to post DIYs here on the blog quite regularly, so if you have anything you would like to see done, leave me a comment or send me an email.

This DIY idea came to me over the winter. I had become obsessed with a Lace Insert T-shirt at Sandro, but there was no way I was going to spend that kind of money on something so simple. Besides a DIY means I can choose everything from the colour, to the shape, and the style of the lace.

lacediyFor this project you will need;

- a T-shirt (I opted for 100% cotton, and I pre-washed to avoid any additional shrinkage)

- some lace (I chose 100% cotton lace, as I prefer the feel of it. I also pre-washed my lace in warm soapy water)

- a pair of fabric scissors (or just sharp regular scissors)

- some thread

- some dressmakers pins

- a sewing machine (though it can be done without, it will just take longer).

lacediystep1First you will want to pin your lace onto the t-shirt where you want it. You will want to leave enough at each end to leave a nice finish it properly so I recommend double the hem allowance of your t-shirt.


lacediystep2Next using a zig-zag stitch. Sew along the edge of your lace (or just inside the edge).


lacediystep3lacediystep4Being careful not to cut the lace, cut out the t-shirt fabric under where you have sewn. I prefer to pinch the lace away from the fabric and cut down the middle, and then cut more closely to the stitching after. The choice is yours.


lacediystep5Then fold up your excess lace, and finish with a zig-zag stitch. Et voila!


lacediy2lacediy3This is a really simple project. It took me under twenty minutes from start to finish, and I think the result is quite effective. Why not give it ago?




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by Tasha on Apr 05 2013

hugo18.4.1Looking at Hugo wearing this vest only makes me realise how much he has grown in the last six months or so. When I first bought it, and even only a few months ago, the back would graze his little calves! Now it is a perfect fit! It is great timing though, as the days are finally (slowly) warming up, and we can get away with no coat.

His hair is totally out of control. No amount of washing, brushing or combing seems to make the slightest difference. It is starting to become a bit on the long side, but at the same time it is so fine that I can’t bring myself to cut it just yet. Besides, at the back he has these gorgeous, little curls and I’m worried they won’t grow back.

He has had a bit of a rough time this week. Two new teeth have finally pushed through, and two others are almost here. Teething has never really bothered him all that much, but these canines have caused a bit of pain, fever and neediness. I am sure he will be back on top of his game before I know it! I guess I better watch out!

The 18 to 30 Project – Weekly Photographs of my son from 18 months to 30 months.





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Little Girl

by Tasha on Apr 02 2013

white1We have just had one of the best weekends in a long time. Friends in from out of town, a meal in a restaurant, catching-up and Easter eggs, it was all round enjoyable. And for a while there it felt like old times (pre-baby times that is). A few more hours of sleep would not have been unwelcome, but I wouldn’t trade in a single moment of this weekend. So by the time Easter Monday rolled around and the sun decided to come out, I felt like things could not get any better! Then while out for our morning walk, we happened upon a park I had never seen before, and there they were. Flowers! Seeing those little blooms made my heart sing, and the cold and rain of winter seemed like a life-time ago.

Such a big weekend meant that by the end, comfort and simplicity was on the menu outfit wise. Meltin’ Pot sent me these jeans a little while ago and they are SO comfortable. I love the broken down quality to them which makes a nice change from regular, crisp, white jeans. It was a little early in the season to wear them, so I did get the occasional, strange look, but I think it makes this “little girl” look a bit edgier. I have also been wearing my hair like this a lot lately. It is as close to maiden braids as I can manage, but I think works as a great alternative.





white6Jeans – c/o Meltin’ Pot, Top – Big W,┬áBag – Ekyog, Shoes – Sara Cole

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