And She Wore Flowers In Her Hair

by Tasha on Apr 14 2013

DL1As much as I feel my style softening, changing and moving in a particular direction, I still find myself drawn to the hard accessories, and leather jackets I have worn almost as armor over the last few years. I may always be drawn to them (especially when I feel vulnerable). Though I must say I do like the mix of hard and soft, old and new, leather and lace, studs and flowers. You get the idea. I guess it is a way I can find some balance in my life. Besides I think it makes things a little more interesting.

So, I finally got around to wearing a flower crown here on the blog (about time for a blog called Crown of Flowers in French) Haha! I made this one last week, but it still needs some adjustments, as it keeps falling over my face. And speaking of finally getting around to doing things. I finally started reading the “For Dummies” Book for our Canon! What a difference a few small pointers can make! Still some perfecting to get things to where I want but I think this was one of my favourite shoots to date.







DL8Flower Crown – DIY, Denim Shirt – H&M, Shorts – Pins and Needles (Urban Outfitters), Booties – Maje (Old), Bag – Country Road (Old), Necklace - Pimkie


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s on 14/04/2013 Reply

great look.. i love the flowers of course! xx

Kate on 14/04/2013 Reply

I love how these turned out! You look great. Perfect balance of feminine soft and hard.

Darina on 15/04/2013 Reply

Love your DIY flower crown! Good job :)

Tasha on 17/04/2013 Reply

Thanks Darina! I'm quite pleased with how it turned out x

piggy on 15/04/2013 Reply

awesome flower crown !!!!

milex on 15/04/2013 Reply

just wow <3

Thechilicool on 15/04/2013 Reply

Lovely outfit! Alessia THE CHILI COOL FACEBOOK Video Outfit YOUTUBE Kiss

Alexandra on 16/04/2013 Reply

This flower crown is amazing, I totaly love it! You look chic! Great pictures as well! Followed you on Bloglovin', hope you can do same;) Have a fabulous time! Best wishes, Alexandra

Mira on 16/04/2013 Reply

You look beautiful. Love your flower crown :) xx

Capucine on 16/04/2013 Reply

J'adore ton short, tes boots et bien sur la couronne de fleur ;)

Tasha on 17/04/2013 Reply

Merci! x

Patricia Paramo on 16/04/2013 Reply

I've always wanted to wear flowers on my hair! I'll try it :) Brunette Letters Blog

Nesrin on 16/04/2013 Reply

You look beautiful. THe flowers are looking very pretty on you. xx Style of Purity PLEASE VOTE FOR ME IN THE BLOGGER BATTLE

Yulia_Yudina on 16/04/2013 Reply

Love your denim shirt! Looks great!

Angela Donava on 16/04/2013 Reply

great shorts!! like the post ) gorg hair style! Angela Donava

iLatoudis on 16/04/2013 Reply

you look amazing with the flowers in your hair!

Jony on 17/04/2013 Reply

Beautiful pictures and love the flowers in your hair, so bohemian!! x Jony

Isa on 17/04/2013 Reply

I adore the crown - and the shorts! Beautiful!

Carly's Closet on 17/04/2013 Reply

I love Flower Crowns they're so girly ,don't think I'll ever get bored of this trend! Carly's Closet

Tasha on 17/04/2013 Reply

I don't think I'll get bored of it either :-)

The Provoker on 17/04/2013 Reply

Flower crowns are so hot now, esp with Coachella just ending and everyone sporting so many different versions. Btw I just had to follow you! <3 While we're on the topic of trends, I just upload my new outfit post featuring PLAID on PLAID on PLAID from Phillip Lim's SS13 collection, do tell me if you're PROVOKED! ;) xx The Provoker

Coline on 19/04/2013 Reply

Such a nice post ! I love the outfit and the pictures :) You're so beautiful Have a nice weekend (coming soon) ^^ Http:// Coline ♡

Piera Anastasia on 19/04/2013 Reply

Lovely boy and you look really nice :-) You have a nice blog, I have one too, if you want to have a look at it, it would be great! :-)

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