by Tasha on Apr 05 2013

hugo18.4.1Looking at Hugo wearing this vest only makes me realise how much he has grown in the last six months or so. When I first bought it, and even only a few months ago, the back would graze his little calves! Now it is a perfect fit! It is great timing though, as the days are finally (slowly) warming up, and we can get away with no coat.

His hair is totally out of control. No amount of washing, brushing or combing seems to make the slightest difference. It is starting to become a bit on the long side, but at the same time it is so fine that I can’t bring myself to cut it just yet. Besides, at the back he has these gorgeous, little curls and I’m worried they won’t grow back.

He has had a bit of a rough time this week. Two new teeth have finally pushed through, and two others are almost here. Teething has never really bothered him all that much, but these canines have caused a bit of pain, fever and neediness. I am sure he will be back on top of his game before I know it! I guess I better watch out!

The 18 to 30 Project – Weekly Photographs of my son from 18 months to 30 months.





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Little Girl

by Tasha on Apr 02 2013

white1We have just had one of the best weekends in a long time. Friends in from out of town, a meal in a restaurant, catching-up and Easter eggs, it was all round enjoyable. And for a while there it felt like old times (pre-baby times that is). A few more hours of sleep would not have been unwelcome, but I wouldn’t trade in a single moment of this weekend. So by the time Easter Monday rolled around and the sun decided to come out, I felt like things could not get any better! Then while out for our morning walk, we happened upon a park I had never seen before, and there they were. Flowers! Seeing those little blooms made my heart sing, and the cold and rain of winter seemed like a life-time ago.

Such a big weekend meant that by the end, comfort and simplicity was on the menu outfit wise. Meltin’ Pot sent me these jeans a little while ago and they are SO comfortable. I love the broken down quality to them which makes a nice change from regular, crisp, white jeans. It was a little early in the season to wear them, so I did get the occasional, strange look, but I think it makes this “little girl” look a bit edgier. I have also been wearing my hair like this a lot lately. It is as close to maiden braids as I can manage, but I think works as a great alternative.





white6Jeans – c/o Meltin’ Pot, Top – Big W, Bag – Ekyog, Shoes – Sara Cole

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by Tasha on Mar 27 2013

hugo18.3.1This is the third installment of my 18 to 30 Project (Weekly photographs of my son from 18 months to 30 months). The project is proving to be a challenge. I am sure it will become easier, but so far getting this guy to be still is tricky to say the least. Also the cold weather means that if I take pictures outdoors, he will inevitably appear to be wearing the same thing. It doesn’t seem to bother him though. Haha!

I thought I would share three, little things about Hugo seeing as how it is week three. Original I know.

One. He is one of the happiest people I know. He just chats to himself or others, and he would have to be pretty out of sorts not to give you a smile. Strangers in the street often stop to tell me how nice it is to hear such a sweet, little voice, and others to tell me how his smile made their day. It is very nice for me as his Mumma to hear it.

Two. He is pretty fascinated by his reflection in the mirror. I am sure he knows it is him now, but sometimes he goes to the mirror in our hallway to check if “that boy” is still there. He is normally quite happy to see himself too! He also likes to go and see what he looks like when I put certain clothes on him. Like his sunglasses or this hat… which on a side note, I know is not the trendiest hat in town, but I think he makes it work. It has been the best for keeping his little head and face warm when we go for walks or for a play at the park. Besides, I love to see his little face poking out from that little circle of blue fabric. I will miss it once the warmer weather sets in.

Three. Hugo is no technophobe. Computers, phones, remote controls… you name it he has mastered it! For Christmas we gave him what can only be described as an iPad for babies, and he loves it. He knows exactly how to access all his favourite apps, and we are constantly having to recharge the batteries. It can be a problem though, as he also thinks he has ownership over my computer, my phone and his Papa’s iPad. I still can’t resist that face, but I think I will have to learn.






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Fresh Air

by Tasha on Mar 24 2013

Freepeople1We’ve had two pretty irregular weeks around here. The first week I was in Paris, running errands, remembering old times and getting some shopping in (without Hugo in tow), and last week it was just my baby and I having a ball, playing in the park and taking long walks. It has freshened the air a bit as since we have been living in Grenoble and Manu has been working from home, we can often get in each others way. Weeks like this are great for really getting a grasp on what is important and what is not, though they do mess a bit with our schedule, and as a result I am still trying to catch up. C’est la vie!

As for my outfit, I have had this dress for a few months, but as the material is so light I have not worn it until now. With the end of March looming I figured I should get some use out of if before the warmer weather is upon us and I won’t want to wear long sleeves. That goes for the boots as well, though these ones are just so comfortable I am sure I will find myself wearing them even once the heat arrives.





freepeople6Jacket – Topshop, Dress – Free People, Boots – Koah, Bag – Campomaggi, Hat – Lafayette Collection

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The 18 to 30 Project

by Tasha on Mar 21 2013




hugo18.0.4Recently, I’ve been inspired by some of my favourite bloggers who started posting weekly photos (mostly of their gorgeous kids) from the beginning of the year. I missed the boat on that particular project as my own little guy was fighting a fever, and if I do anything I like to do it right. It wasn’t until I thought about really capturing a certain age that I thought I’d start The 18 to 30 Project. Weekly images of my son Hugo from 1.5 to 2.5 years (or 18 months to 30 months). Hugo turned 18 months on the 12th, but since my trip to Paris last week, I have been playing catch up ever since. So here I will be posting the first two installments of the project. The black and white images are of the day he turned 18 months, and the colour images were taken just a week after. It is such an exciting age as so many things are changing all the time. I think Hugo still as enough puppy fat to look like a baby, but truth be told my little boy is growing so fast it makes me want to hold tight to him now, and maybe if I hold him tight enough he will stay just as he is.

The 18 to 30 Project is about more than just photographing my son. I have been wanting to improve my photography and learn more about the process for a long time. I hope to take a course when I return home to Australia. I can barely even get my head around the technical terms in English so, I figure it’s best not to venture in to it in French. Not yet.

I hope I will be able to keep up with this project. My subject is someone who rather dislikes staying in one place for more than a second, and chasing this guy around the park, camera in hand, is challenging to say the least.





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Seasons in Reverse

by Tasha on Mar 19 2013

ekyogblue1Last week I told myself that I would stop passing comment on the weather, only the strangeness of switching so rapidly from wearing a t-shirt, to once more braving the snow merited a mention. Even looking back through the photos we shot last week, it seems odd to think, it was only a week ago. Since then, I have made my first trip back to Paris since our move to Grenoble. While it was not all for pleasure, I did did have plenty of time to soak up the city, fit in a yoga class, see friends and do some shopping! It was actually the biggest spree I have had in recent times, and it felt good and bad at the same time. I will have to wait for the warmer weather to get much use out of most of what I bought, with the exception of these boots. They are the boots I never know I needed. Stupidly comfortable and so much like Wellington boots in their fit, really what’s not to like about them? They pretty much go with everything I own.

My visit to Paris, made me miss living there in a big way. Though to be honest, I really wasn’t able to make the most of the city during the last few months I lived there. As Hugo grew bigger and heavier it became more and more difficult to go anywhere beyond our neighbourhood. The metro is really not designed with strollers in mind, and some days my back just could not handle carrying him in a carrier. So on this trip I did enjoy exploring the areas of Paris I had neglected in that time. As I wandered around the streets I most frequented and sat looking in my formerly local Starbucks, I felt very nostalgic, and sad to not call it home anymore. I would like to think that one day I will live there again. I am not finished with Paris.







ekyogblue8Jacket – Topshop, Dress – Ekyog, Boots – Koah

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Nine Years

by Tasha on Mar 10 2013

MPchinos1Today it felt like spring! There was not a cloud in the sky and the temperature rose to over 15°C! In the sun it was actually really warm. Even Hugo (who was sitting in the stroller while we snapped these) took off his shoes and socks! We made the most of it today as the forecast for the rest of the week is shocking. Snow and a 20°C plunge in temperatures. Just when I thought we were over the worst of it.

On a lighter note, the lovely people at Meltin’ Pot recently sent me these great chinos! I actually squealed when I saw they had started making chinos too, and salmon pink no less! They were perfect for today’s temperatures. And you would be forgiven if you thought I was on holidays, but in my head I kinda was. During the week I also became obsessed with the idea of wearing suspenders. I haven’t worn them since my pre-teen days when I needed them to hold up my trousers. I found these in a menswear store, and liked how simple they were. I think they add a new dimension to the outfit. What do you think?

In other news Manu and I are celebrating nine years together! How fast the time goes! I can’t believe how lucky I got when I met him, and I would never have imagined all the adventures we have shared. We have a ton of plans just now, and I can’t wait to turn them in to reality!







MPchinos8Pants – c/o Meltin’ Pot, T-shirt – Monoprix, Bag – Topshop, Shoes – H by Hudson, Hat – Country Road, Suspenders – Celio

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Classic Black and White

by Tasha on Mar 03 2013

b&w1A visit to the Alps, another plunge in temperatures and a mild flu pretty much sums up the last few weeks and explains my absence from the blog. Anyway, I can’t tell you how amazing it was to wake up to blue skies this morning. While we had some nice weather in the Alps we were all too sick to really enjoy it, and it was far too cold to go for long walks with Hugo in the stroller. But the temps have been on the rise for the last few days, and I couldn’t be more relieved! I’d like to think that the really cold weather is behind us for the season, and I will soon be able to use some of the clothes which have been hibernating at the back of my wardrobe.

This weekend I was all about black and white. It is such a classic, but it’s a combination I often neglect. Like anything else it is the small details that make all the difference.






b&w7Blouse – Zara, Leather Skirt – Vintage, Bag – Country Road, Hat – Lafayette Collection, Shoes – H by Hudson, Necklace – Nylon Sky on Etsy

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Oh hey there Sunshine!

by Tasha on Feb 17 2013

blue1I don’t think I have ever been so happy to see the sun in all my life! While it remains freezing, cold here in Grenoble, that sunshine has made all the difference to my frame of mind. I don’t know what is about that bright, blue sky or seeing that shining ball of fire, but I feel revitalised.

It was the end of the sales in France this week, and I managed to pick up this hat (and one other) for less than the original price of just one. I had had my eye on them for a while, so I was thankful they were still there. I used to be all about the hat. In my early teenage years, my Mum gave me a hat, a bag and a belt for my birthday. She said they would outlast all of my clothes. And they did. I developed a fair hat collection, but after I started high school, I lost confidence and stopped wearing them. I had never been afraid to be different or to play with my wardrobe, but something about that all girl school environment threw me off guard and I hid that part of me. My university years helped me to rediscover my individuality, but the hats remained in their boxes. Now, after all this time I think I am finally ready to make them a regular part of my life.







blue8Dress – Asos, Hat – Lafayette Collection, Bag – Topshop, Coat – Vintage, Booties – Rudy’s

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Those Days are Gone

by Tasha on Feb 10 2013

1I used to think there was almost nothing better than sleeping until midday on a Sunday, having a long, quiet breakfast, and staying in my pajamas until dinner time. Those days have slipped through my fingers, but now I am greeted by the happiest, little boy who can’t wait to start a new day. And while in this freezing, cold weather, I would often prefer to stay indoors where it’s warm, there is nothing like a Sunday morning stroll with my little family. The streets are quiet and I’m always interested to see who else is out and about.

Meanwhile, I nabbed the last of these sweaters in town. Yes! I love how the leopard motif adds some interest to an otherwise understated outfit. You will probably see it on the blog many more times as it has become one of my staples lately. I also rediscovered these boots this week. I had forgotten just how much I love them.







8Sweater – Sandro, Jeans – Meltin’ Pot, Booties – Maje, Clutch – Country Road

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