Checked Pants

by Tasha on Feb 03 2013

check1We are now into February, and it is still cold! Even as we took these photos, there were a few snowflakes falling. Loads of people have told me that it is either hot or cold in Grenoble, and I’d have to say that every time I visited it was one or the other. Though since living here it has just been COLD! Anyway, aside from the cold, and catching a cold (I’m going for a record here folks) it has been a pretty big week. My partner, Manu, took me for our first trip away since Hugo’s birth, and it was GOOD. We went to a tiny village in the South of France with the objective of simply escaping and getting some rest. For me the trip was many things, most of them contradicting. I missed Hugo a lot, yet the time away from him was quite refreshing. It was the first time I’d spent a night away from him so I guess it is normal to miss him. When we arrived home it was nap time, and I have never wanted him to wake-up from his sleep so much in my life! We took a few photos on the trip and I’m sure I’ll share a few here on the blog when I have had time to go through them.

As for the outfit. I picked up these pants for practically nothing during the week, and I must say I’m pretty happy with them. They aren’t my usual style, and they are a big step in the other direction to where my wardrobe is heading, but I like them all the same. Maybe I should take up golf?






check7Jacket – Asos, Trousers and Sweater – H&M, Bag - Topshop, Shoes – Country Road

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Red Riding Hood v The Wolf

by Tasha on Jan 27 2013

Riding1It wasn’t until I went through the last photo shoot that I realised my outfit could be the unwritten final chapter of the story Little Red Riding Hood. Well… almost! I even have to laugh at the setting! So in the spirit of continuing the story, I imagined a new ending to the tale. In my head the last chapter would read something like this.

“And so Little Red Riding Hood packed the Wolf into her basket and on her way home stopped at the hat-makers. The hat-maker inspired by Little Red Riding Hood’s recent adventure, fashioned her an amazing hat which would serve as warning to other wolves to beware of little girls in red coats (with woodsmen for friends). And they all lived happily ever after. The End.” Or something along those lines.

Only I took a few liberties here. Namely that my hat is made of 100% faux fur, and I have no idea what animal has ears like these. And to think I had originally set out just to add some fun to the gloominess of January.






riding7Coat – Vintage, Jeans – Melt’in Pot, Hat – Asos, Shoes – Maje

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by Tasha on Jan 20 2013

hummingbird1We have already passed the halfway mark of January, and winter is still far from over. I feel it is the longest ever! The cold and snow are starting to cramp my style, for sadly no matter what I wear, it is inevitably covered by a coat, a scarf and “sensible” shoes. If I could have my way, I would live in an endless summer, with the odd, cool day here and there to break it up, and allow me to wear those coats I am soooo starting to hate right now.

Anyway, I did manage to shed my coat for a few minutes to show you what is hidden underneath. Hummingbirds! The full animal prints of the last few seasons have not really grabbed me. It wasn’t until I found this dress a little while back that these little birds seduced me. Now I just need to wait for the spring, so I can hear little birds sing.




hummingbird5Dress and Jacket – Asos, Bag – Topshop, Shoes – Minelli

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Here I am

by Tasha on Jan 14 2013

hereiam1If you didn’t follow my previous blog, I feel I should introduce myself. My name is Natasha, but I’m happy with Tasha. I’m a creative soul, and a traveler. I’ve lived in four countries and five different towns in the last eleven years. I have a French fiancé and a baby boy born in Paris. For many it might sound very bohemian, exciting or even like a dream, but, it has rarely been easy. I’ve struggled, with languages, finances and new cultures. I have bordered on depression and verged on an eating disorder. I’ve lived away from my family almost permanently since I left my hometown, and I have felt very alone. My career has spent more time on hold than moving forward, as I’ve worked to obtain long stay visas and integrate myself into each new place. I’ve had to hold tight to my dreams. It has been a long journey, but without it I’d not be the person I am now.

My big dream is to design my own line of clothing, and to own a small boutique somewhere. I love dreaming up new creations and making them with my own hands. I also love seeing what others design, and marvelling at their creativity. One day I’ll make it all happen.

2013 makes the start of a new cycle for my partner, my son and I. We’re preparing to make our dreams come true. We are finally going to give things a go in my hometown. Perth, Australia. While going home will have it’s many benefits, it does also draw to a close this era of my life. While I may never stay in one place for more than a few years straight, I know in my soul, that this time at home will move us forward. We hope to buy our first house, grow our little family, and change our general outlook on life. Perth is a great, sunny city, and it is (as most say) the perfect place to raise a family. We’ll put that theory to the test I’m sure, but just to be surrounded by family and friends, and being able to speak my native language should do me some good. We still have some time before we depart for Oz, which leaves me feeling a little nowhere. There is a lot to organise, and no date set in stone for the move. It is going to be a big one!

In the meantime, this is me. In all my simplicity. The best way to introduce myself I think.





hereiam6 Jeans – Meltin’ Pot, Beanie and Top - H&M, Bag – Campomaggi, Necklace - Nylon Sky on Etsy, Shoes – Rudi’s

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