Checked Pants

by Tasha on Feb 03 2013

check1We are now into February, and it is still cold! Even as we took these photos, there were a few snowflakes falling. Loads of people have told me that it is either hot or cold in Grenoble, and I’d have to say that every time I visited it was one or the other. Though since living here it has just been COLD! Anyway, aside from the cold, and catching a cold (I’m going for a record here folks) it has been a pretty big week. My partner, Manu, took me for our first trip away since Hugo’s birth, and it was GOOD. We went to a tiny village in the South of France with the objective of simply escaping and getting some rest. For me the trip was many things, most of them contradicting. I missed Hugo a lot, yet the time away from him was quite refreshing. It was the first time I’d spent a night away from him so I guess it is normal to miss him. When we arrived home it was nap time, and I have never wanted him to wake-up from his sleep so much in my life! We took a few photos on the trip and I’m sure I’ll share a few here on the blog when I have had time to go through them.

As for the outfit. I picked up these pants for practically nothing during the week, and I must say I’m pretty happy with them. They aren’t my usual style, and they are a big step in the other direction to where my wardrobe is heading, but I like them all the same. Maybe I should take up golf?






check7Jacket – Asos, Trousers and Sweater – H&M,┬áBag - Topshop, Shoes – Country Road

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analisa on 04/02/2013 Reply

SO good! I love the pants!

Kelli Murray on 04/02/2013 Reply

I love this look Tasha! What a great jacket.

Tasha on 04/02/2013 Reply

Thanks Kelli! It means a lot to me coming from you xxx

Lubna on 04/02/2013 Reply

That's such a fabulous outfit! Love the pants and the leather jacket x Lubna WWW.ELLEVOX.BLOGSPOT.COM

Angela Donava on 05/02/2013 Reply

great shoes! kisses Angela Donava

Silvia on 06/02/2013 Reply

I love your outfit! Fantastic shoes!!

Darina on 06/02/2013 Reply

Gorgeous look! I am in love with pants!

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