Oh hey there Sunshine!

by Tasha on Feb 17 2013

blue1I don’t think I have ever been so happy to see the sun in all my life! While it remains freezing, cold here in Grenoble, that sunshine has made all the difference to my frame of mind. I don’t know what is about that bright, blue sky or seeing that shining ball of fire, but I feel revitalised.

It was the end of the sales in France this week, and I managed to pick up this hat (and one other) for less than the original price of just one. I had had my eye on them for a while, so I was thankful they were still there. I used to be all about the hat. In my early teenage years, my Mum gave me a hat, a bag and a belt for my birthday. She said they would outlast all of my clothes. And they did. I developed a fair hat collection, but after I started high school, I lost confidence and stopped wearing them. I had never been afraid to be different or to play with my wardrobe, but something about that all girl school environment threw me off guard and I hid that part of me. My university years helped me to rediscover my individuality, but the hats remained in their boxes. Now, after all this time I think I am finally ready to make them a regular part of my life.







blue8Dress – Asos, Hat – Lafayette Collection,┬áBag – Topshop, Coat – Vintage, Booties – Rudy’s

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Larissa on 18/02/2013 Reply

Nice outfit post. xo. From hats to heels www.fromhatstoheels.com

Briseidy on 18/02/2013 Reply

I really love this outfit! you look beautiful under the sun! nice hat :)

Inherent Style LA on 20/02/2013 Reply

Love that floppy felt hat! It's at once sophisticated and hippie (Boogie Hippie, Haute Hippie...etc) Glad you are seeing some sun! http://www.inherentstylela.com/

Valentine on 20/02/2013 Reply

Lovely photos, the light is amazing and so are you !!! Keep going ;) Bisous from Paris xoxo

Tasha on 21/02/2013 Reply

Merci Valentine! Ton commentaire me fait chaud au coeur! Bisous

Angela Donava on 22/02/2013 Reply

love your dresS! awesome hat ) Angela Donava

Ashleigh on 22/02/2013 Reply

Loving the floppy hat! It really perfects the whole outift. http://www.aisforashleigh.com

Nena on 22/02/2013 Reply

Beautiful blog! http://turn-it-insideout.blogspot.be/

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