by Tasha on Jan 20 2013

hummingbird1We have already passed the halfway mark of January, and winter is still far from over. I feel it is the longest ever! The cold and snow are starting to cramp my style, for sadly no matter what I wear, it is inevitably covered by a coat, a scarf and “sensible” shoes. If I could have my way, I would live in an endless summer, with the odd, cool day here and there to break it up, and allow me to wear those coats I am soooo starting to hate right now.

Anyway, I did manage to shed my coat for a few minutes to show you what is hidden underneath. Hummingbirds! The full animal prints of the last few seasons have not really grabbed me. It wasn’t until I found this dress a little while back that these little birds seduced me. Now I just need to wait for the spring, so I can hear little birds sing.




hummingbird5Dress and Jacket – Asos, Bag – Topshop, Shoes – Minelli

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Stephanie on 21/01/2013 Reply

Love that dress! Looks comfortable! I can't really wear too many layers here, even though it's "winter." Florida is very up and down with the weather. It was 80F for the longest time, but we're down to late 60s this week. "Our cold."

Tasha on 21/01/2013 Reply

It really is as comfortable as it looks. Sounds lovely where you are. A few more degrees here would change everything.

Victoria on 22/01/2013 Reply

lovely look!

Fancy Melody on 24/01/2013 Reply

Your outfit is just so pretty, I love your dress a lot!

mary lee on 25/01/2013 Reply

really lovely dress! i love what you're wearing hope you'll visit back

Iliyana on 26/01/2013 Reply

love this!

Isa on 27/01/2013 Reply

Love the leather jacket paired with the leather shoes!

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