Leaving the Hideaway

by Tasha on Jan 08 2013

SunnymountainsWe’ve been quietly tucked away in the French Alps for close to three weeks now. The weather has changed almost daily, and we’ve survived Christmas and the start of 2013. We’ve cruised the ski slopes and made an igloo, and we’ve eaten way too much cheese. But who could blame us on that one? Some of the best cheeses anywhere come from these parts. But as comfortable and cosy as we are here, it is almost time to head “home”. Where is that anyway? I guess I will always ask myself that question. Leaving here always comes with mixed emotions. The prospect of having my own space and working to my own timetable again is very appealing. I have work to get on with, and I want to wear real shoes again. But this is family, and it is peaceful, and there is a fireplace! We will come back in the next few weeks, but then leaving does mean escaping this hideaway and finding reality.


Anne on 16/01/2013 Reply

c'est vrai que c'est un endroit paisible, un peu à l'abri du temps... en même temps, comment ne pas se sentir serein face à un tel paysage ? en espérant vous voir bientôt ! Bisous à tous les 3

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