Red Riding Hood v The Wolf

by Tasha on Jan 27 2013

Riding1It wasn’t until I went through the last photo shoot that I realised my outfit could be the unwritten final chapter of the story Little Red Riding Hood. Well… almost! I even have to laugh at the setting! So in the spirit of continuing the story, I imagined a new ending to the tale. In my head the last chapter would read something like this.

“And so Little Red Riding Hood packed the Wolf into her basket and on her way home stopped at the hat-makers. The hat-maker inspired by Little Red Riding Hood’s recent adventure, fashioned her an amazing hat which would serve as warning to other wolves to beware of little girls in red coats (with woodsmen for friends). And they all lived happily ever after. The End.” Or something along those lines.

Only I took a few liberties here. Namely that my hat is made of 100% faux fur, and I have no idea what animal has ears like these. And to think I had originally set out just to add some fun to the gloominess of January.






riding7Coat – Vintage, Jeans – Melt’in Pot, Hat – Asos, Shoes – Maje

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analisa on 28/01/2013 Reply

Awww your hat is so cute!

Victoria on 29/01/2013 Reply

lovely blog!

The Provoker on 29/01/2013 Reply

That furry wolf hat is sooooo adorable, I'd love one in black! :D Thanks for the inspo, this cute hat will not only keep my looking funny and chic but it also will keep my head nice and warm and cozy during our wintry cold days. You should check out my denim on denim on neon kidult look, which sort of looks like Peter Pan gave me a makeover... tell me what you think of it even if it only provokes you a bit ;) xx The Provoker

chiara on 30/01/2013 Reply

nice girl!!!

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