Those Days are Gone

by Tasha on Feb 10 2013

1I used to think there was almost nothing better than sleeping until midday on a Sunday, having a long, quiet breakfast, and staying in my pajamas until dinner time. Those days have slipped through my fingers, but now I am greeted by the happiest, little boy who can’t wait to start a new day. And while in this freezing, cold weather, I would often prefer to stay indoors where it’s warm, there is nothing like a Sunday morning stroll with my little family. The streets are quiet and I’m always interested to see who else is out and about.

Meanwhile, I nabbed the last of these sweaters in town. Yes! I love how the leopard motif adds some interest to an otherwise understated outfit. You will probably see it on the blog many more times as it has become one of my staples lately. I also rediscovered these boots this week. I had forgotten just how much I love them.







8Sweater – Sandro, Jeans – Meltin’ Pot, Booties – Maje, Clutch – Country Road

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Angela Donava on 12/02/2013 Reply

awesome pull ) kisses! Angela Donava

rachael on 14/02/2013 Reply

hello there! thanks for visiting my blog! i was quite bummed when you said you didn't have places like rhymes with orange where you live, until i came her and saw that you live in PARIS. like what?! i love paris! whoo! you must have tonnes of better places there! :)

Tasha on 14/02/2013 Reply

We actually moved from Paris a few months ago to Grenoble (about 3 hours by train). I miss Paris a lot. I have yet to find any vintage or thrift stores here. Thanks for visiting my blog xxx

Zoe on 14/02/2013 Reply

Love the booties! <3 Zoe (´∀`) Http:// PS join my Cute GIVEAWAY on my blog! Until Febuary 16th!

analisa on 16/02/2013 Reply

That sweater is the cutest!

Darina on 16/02/2013 Reply

Perfect look, amazing sweater!!

Ira on 16/02/2013 Reply

Amamzing outfit! I love the pullover:) Check out my blog:

Laura on 19/02/2013 Reply

The sweater is darling, cute! Cheers!

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